Monday, December 13, 2010

Ok, back with a remix. Mixing the old & the new. When all I wanna be is comfy, this is the fit I go to. It's all old but oh so comfortable. Jacket, leggins, and dress top all for under $40. Toss on the $50 new boots total fit $90 a deal, comfy & cute, priceless. Add your accessories and presto- a comfy fit that you still look good in. Damn I don't like havin to follow a dress code especially since it elinated my favs like jeans. But when I see folks out in public, in business arenas I truly understand.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From your Fashionista DIVA, ok ladies lets add some color to our lives as well as our wardobe. Black pants do not change my size 10 pants and neither does white for that matter. A parent of mine was shock to see me in color one day and told me that I only wore black. Not realizing this was the case I went home and searched for color and I must say she was right. Black, browns and gray. Wow. I guess I was in daily mourning, so glad to re-discover the joys of color and prints. Hell I did't even wear black to my mother's funeral. She was such a firecracker I asked all who honored her to wear red. Mix & match the old with the new and the expensive/inexpensive items. I found a Fossil watch that makes me feel like Wonder Woman when I put it on. It compliments who I am. It's larger than your average ladies watch but not as big as a man's I guess that's for my inner tom boy. It got enough bling for the girly/girl that I'm letting shine. Dressy yet casual can be worn with anything. Accessorizing also makes a big difference. I wear earrings daily again, this is wear I mix in the cheap often lose I never spend more than $10 for a pair and that's pricey. Jackets, they just tend to pull a fit together and since I'm always cold this is a plus. Till next time stay fasionable.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ok this is the NOOK by Barnes&Noble. This is my bestest toy ever. One of my many treats to myself. Anyhoo this gadget is the ipod of books but way easier to DL my books than my music. Still haven't added music to my ipod on my own. Had this for 3 months and have already DL & read five books. Yes I am an avid reader and this came right in time because I had began to question myself as to where would I store anotha book because there is really no more room on my 3 bookshelves that stands 6ft. tall. Amoir is overloaded I even utilize a shelf at work for my own personal books. So "This Right Here" also serves as a storage solution. The great plus is that the books are always cheaper and you can share your books with your friends who also have the NOOK.

Fasionista Diva, always been into fashion, but like so many women who are blessed with a family, home and a career may have experienced a fashion rut as I have. I want even mention the weight gain and the struggle to get it off ya back. My quirky tv show to watch while most is checkin in on DHW of Where Eva, I like to tune into What Not To Wear. I also see how much $$$ they spend on clothes and always feel not only can I match the high end outfit I can get it at fractions of the cost. So here is my spin on Beauty On A Budget. For all ma women do yourself a favor and go get a bra fittin. An older gentleman once told me "That a woman only feels as good as she looks underneath." Hey women take out some time and $ and spend them both on yourself every now and then. The people we take care of will understand and even appreciate it. Head -to-Toe fit $140 feelin and lookin GREAT, Priceless!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's Goin On

Just finished my third class for this semester and will complete my fourth next week. Sittin at my computer enjoying the rain and what's left of my weekend. Even when days are movin faster than others & lifes bumps get the best of me I still know that I am truly blessed and highly favored. I know this cuz after I've gone through something I often ask how did I make it through that & that's when I get that light bulb moment and realize that I didn't make it through, God carried me through what ever it was. When I give myself the luxury of quality quiet time alone I recognize all my blessings that are around me & it's not the material things it's my family, friends, place of employment, a home to retreat to when the world is rough but I'm so thankful for an open mind and heart. Till next time be safe and kind, if not kind at least be safe.