Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fasionista Diva, always been into fashion, but like so many women who are blessed with a family, home and a career may have experienced a fashion rut as I have. I want even mention the weight gain and the struggle to get it off ya back. My quirky tv show to watch while most is checkin in on DHW of Where Eva, I like to tune into What Not To Wear. I also see how much $$$ they spend on clothes and always feel not only can I match the high end outfit I can get it at fractions of the cost. So here is my spin on Beauty On A Budget. For all ma women do yourself a favor and go get a bra fittin. An older gentleman once told me "That a woman only feels as good as she looks underneath." Hey women take out some time and $ and spend them both on yourself every now and then. The people we take care of will understand and even appreciate it. Head -to-Toe fit $140 feelin and lookin GREAT, Priceless!!!!

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