Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ok this is the NOOK by Barnes&Noble. This is my bestest toy ever. One of my many treats to myself. Anyhoo this gadget is the ipod of books but way easier to DL my books than my music. Still haven't added music to my ipod on my own. Had this for 3 months and have already DL & read five books. Yes I am an avid reader and this came right in time because I had began to question myself as to where would I store anotha book because there is really no more room on my 3 bookshelves that stands 6ft. tall. Amoir is overloaded I even utilize a shelf at work for my own personal books. So "This Right Here" also serves as a storage solution. The great plus is that the books are always cheaper and you can share your books with your friends who also have the NOOK.

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